Aspiring Adventures

Aspiring Adventures is a dynamic adventure tour company offering small group holidays to New Zealand, Peru, Australia, and now Vanuatu. After 16 years combined experience guiding trips all over the world, these are the places we know best and love most. We hike, bike, kayak, swim, dive, eat, drink, dance, and play our way through the stunning scenery and unique cultures of each of these destinations.

Do you want to experience New Zealand, Peru, Vanuatu or Australia? We delve deep, engaging with the environment, the culture, local characters, and daily life, not just the cultural clichés and the postcard moments. If this sounds like you, then read on - our adventure vacations are for you!

We only run a few tours each year, carefully timed so you experience the highlights of the local calendar – such as initiation rites in Vanuatu, street parties in Peru, and food and wine festivals in New Zealand and Australia. Keeping it small means we and our other guides are fresh and keen, trips stay real, and our personal service one of a kind. Excited yet? We are – we love this stuff!



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