Afrimore Tours

Afrimore Tours Ltd is a Tanzanian registered Tour Operator. 2011. The Company is a genuine black empowerment owned and managed, which promotes tourism in Tanzania and the whole East African region. Ever since then it has grown from strength to strength. We have successfully conducted tours for schools, professional, business executives, politicians, journalists, various associations, families and Fit’s. 
Afrimore Tours head office is based in Moshi.

Our vision is to explore, inspire and impact on our clients’ travel programs by providing the ‘Big five’, expertise, effectiveness, efficiency, educative holidays, experiences at competitive rates that are second to none, create employment and networking opportunities through our programs for the previously disadvantaged communities.

We remain committed to providing effective, efficient, excellent, quality, competitive and uncompromised services to all our clients by being innovate and by remaining a low cost producer through efficiency and productivity. Our highly experienced team has in-depth knowledge and expertise of the Southern African destination.

We provide the following services to meet with the relevant group or client’s specific needs:

  • Special Interest Groups

  • Wildlife research for academic institutions

  • Professional Group Travel 

  • Farm tours

  • Incentive Group Travel

  • Tailor-made programs

  • Shopping Trips

  • Pre and Post Conference Tours

  • Corporate Travel Arrangements

  • Transport arrangements

  • Adventures/safaris

  • Mountain climbing

  • Honey moon and beach holidays

  • Free Swahili teaching

We value our relationships with our clients and as such primarily maintain integrity as the core for all other values which we incorporate in our operations.
These are;

  • Passion for excellence in efficiency

  • Flexibility in meeting clients’ needs

  • Upholding teamwork in service delivery

  • Proactive compliance to innovation and creativity

  • Developing the community

Operation’s Team

  • Our management structure is aligned to clients’ needs

  • Highly experienced and motivated

  • Trained to optimize the available resources and sweat assets

Key emphasis on;

  • Customer Service

  • Safety in all operations

We work with specific transport companies that have over 20 years experience in transportation and thus your safety is guaranteed.



  • ATSA                  Africa Tourism Services Association

  • SAT                     South Africa Tourism

  • ATA                    African Travel Association

  • GTA                    Gauteng Tourism Authority

  • WNT                    World Travel Network



  • African Adventures - Japan

  • Africa Nature tours- Kenya

  • Acamor-                 India

  • Singular travel


We work with various community service projects, i.e. health care, abandoned children’s homes, women empowerment projects, self help projects, school skills department projects as each and every one of our special interest group travels will always be involved in participating in some of the projects.


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