Our trips are first and foremost an art of living.

We organise holidays for families, groups or individuals for different lengths of time - all year round. We can create treks, supported or with backpacking, either crossing a region, or staying in one place exploring it’s nearest surroundings. We also organise trips with horseback riding, cross country skiing, sailing, golf...

We love to take the time (« slow travel ») to feel, encounter and explore hidden places off the beaten track.

Whatever the season or type of holiday, we always include hiking, practice, contemplation, bathing in geothermal water and encounters with people, legends and traditions.

Our ideas are many and variable, but we do not undermine the essence of the spirit of Alkemia:
• As little overland driving as possible
• To take time to live and sometimes do nothing
• To listen, encounter, observe and enjoy
• Our trips are never sports endeavors
• We put quality and simplicity in the foreground
• To respect the environment, the visitors and the local people
• The menu is as much local as possible – with a vegetarian tendency
• The accomodations are chosen with respect of character and tranquility.


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