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Bencia Africa Adventures & Safaris offers safaris and excursions in Kenya and Tanzania. With outstanding natural beauty, prolific world life, a gorgeous tropical coastline and rich and diverse ethnic tapestry, Kenya has plenty to offer visitors. Thrilling safaris on the broad savanna of the rift valley are the biggest draw; while the palm backed white sand beaches along the India ocean coast are ideal for relaxed holidays.

Covering a considerable chunk of East Africa, Kenya is neatly girthed across the middle by the Equator and bisected by the southerly course of the jagged Rift Valley. The country has varied altitude featuring lofty mountains and escarpments, open plains and stony deserts, fertile rolling hills and forested valleys and beautiful 480 kms tropical coastline. This wealth of natural habitat is protected in over 50 national parks and reserves, and many more private conservancies. Together this covers about 10% of 580,400 sq kms of the country.

With the expectation of the big apes, Kenya is home to a full complement of East African animals and is also one of the best places on the continent for bird watching. The long sunny days and the azure Indian Ocean. With colourful marine life, ensures a perfect environment for a laid back holiday on the coast.

Kenyans character has been shaped by its long history, from the emergence of mankind some 6 millions years ago to the colonial days of hunters, settlers and adventures. Its rich ethnic heritage is evident from the traditional dressed Maasai and Samburu people tending their livestock, while a long Swahili tradition has left its mark in the architecture and Islamic way of life on the coast and in the Swahili language.


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