Bhutan Men-Lha

Kingdom of Bhutan is in many ways truly the Last Shangri-la. The geographical isolation has left the country in a time warp - culture, traditions and way of life still a reflection of past centuries than any indication of 21st century.

Bhutan is the last baistion of Mahayana Bhuddhism. Against the backdrop of majestic Himalayas, Bhuddhist Spirit permeates almost all aspects of Bhutanese culture. Prayer flags flutter on the hills, temples and dzongs dot the landscape, and religious festivals are celebrated through out the year. Due to Bhutans staunch conservation policies, countrys forest and environment are in pristine condition. Bhutan is one of the Biodiversity Hotspots with greater that 200 mammals, 770 birds and more than 5400 plants.

Visit Bhutan with Bhutan Men Lha Adventure. Our experience, extensive contacts within the country and our personalized services would make your visit to Bhutan truly enjoyable and memorable one !!


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