Due Mari

Due Mari offers tailor-made trips, tours, guides, events, apartments and exclusive mansions.Enjoy the culture, food tradition, sports, wellness and wildlife of Italy!

Due Mari T. O. operates in Lecce since 1995, with the aim to offer hospitality to those who want to spend their holidays in Puglia and Salento in particular, ensuring even to the most demanding, a 360° assistance 24/24hours.

If you like a nice apartment to rent, an itinerary or the organization of an event, we can provide an optimal service. Do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

Our region is one of the very few in Italy with the privilege of a strategic location and a regional geography which can satisfy every needs: sea, hills, countryside, fun, practicing of all kinds of sports, good food, superb facilities able to accommodate all budgets travellers, history, culture, crafts and traditions.

Ask and we will realize your dreams! Trust us for your family holiday, for your business trip, for the organization of your event or for your wonderful honeymoon. We are happy to welcome and pamper you during your stay.

Welcome in Apulia!




*Itinerary, pricing and schedule subject to change

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