Ethic Himalaya

We are a group of highly trained and professional Nepal Government license holder Trekking Guides and Mountain Guides with 5-10 years of experience. We work without an agency to ensure direct communication with our valuable guests so that we can customize our guest satisfaction and pleasant momentary in Nepal with us. Because there are no agency fees, we are able to provide our services at economical prices while ensuring that all our staff members are compensated fairly. We take great pride in our work and within our company; we use our joined resources to ensure that all of us are always up-to-date with our licenses and safety training.

How does it work?
Ethic Himalaya Treks and Expedition P. Ltd works without an agency. This means, we interact directly with our valuable clients, resulting in custom-made itineraries that suit every budget and interest. We are specialized in Trekking, Peak climbing, Expedition, Tour and sightseeing in Nepal and Tibet, Jungle safari, Kailash tour, bird watching and other adventurous activities in Nepal.

Are our costs more expensive?
We work with you throughout the planning process and will consider your budget carefully.  We offer choices ranging from small to large groups, from low-budget accommodations to all-inclusive camping trips that offer any imaginable creature comfort. Because there is no agency overhead, your budget will be only used for your travel expenses and we guarantees that our trekking and mountain guide and porters will be paid fairly.

Are our services for trekking staffs more limited?
As we are not bound by agency preferences, we can help you to avoid the “tourist markup” at every step of the way. Agencies often prefer to stick to prescribed itineraries, assembling their staff at the last minute and consequently we have only rudimentary knowledge of the visitor’s preferences. This approach eliminates a great number of creative approaches and frustrates travelers and trekking staffs (Guide, cook and helpers) equally. Throughout your trip to Nepal, we Ethic Himalaya Treks & Expedition P. Ltd’s Trekking staffs make their own decisions regarding ad-hoc itinerary changes or emergencies. Some agencies send out their staffs with a bare-bones cash allowance, which can result in an unfortunate budget crisis. We have more freedom to allocate their resources to ensure that such problems never arise. Our trekking staffs or crew are extensive experience to enables us to choose top-quality staff for your journey, should group itinerary require it. We will provide porters, kitchen and security staff for camping expeditions and climbing sherpas for higher peak adventures. And of course we will ensure that all staff is paid fairly and provided with proper equipment, clothing, and accident and medical insurance.

Is it safe? What kind of assistance can I expect from Ethic Himalaya regarding health and emergency issues?
Our Trekking staffs especially guides are well informed trained and experience of all about kinds of health problems that may befall a traveler and you should feel free to discuss any kind of trouble with him, whether it is simply gastro-intestinal or altitude related. Our Guide will be able to steer you towards safe food and water and will insist on a responsible and slow approach towards the higher areas. Should an emergency situation arise, Our guide well connected and can arrange for immediate evacuation, by horse or helicopter, depending on the severity of the case. Because he is free to assess the gravity of the situation, he will not have to rely on orders from his superiors in the distant capital.

Our Commitment and Responsibilities:

- We donate and engage our time, energy and funds to support progressive social and cultural change in Nepal.

- As we are independent trekking company, we support the local economy by hiring local guides and porters.

- We ensure that porters are well taken care of, fully covered accident and medical insurance and provide porter equipment from cold weather clothes and paid fairly.

- We encourage much reduction over use of plastic water bottle waste through the use of boiled and purified water.

- We discourage use of plastic bags that generate litter and become a breeding ground for disease.

- We build awareness by discussing the political, socio-economic, and environmental issues that affect people’s lives.

- We seek out individuals and organizations that are innovative in their attempts to ameliorate social and environmental problems, and we publicize and support their efforts.

- We discourage begging by giving to communities, schools, and local organizations.


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