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Explore Africa

Explore Africa Travels (Pty) Ltd (EAT) is a tourism enterprise founded in 2006 in the capital city of Botswana Gaborone. EAT is a world class tourism enterprise providing unique brokerage services which enhance the tourism industry in Africa. The Continent is renowned for its pristine flora and fauna as well as its myriad cultural diversity.

Our unique tourism services are enhanced through the use of a booking portal which enables our valued traveler virtual tours.

Our value proposition is to provide ease of access to the designing of his/her holiday or business experience by the traveler when planning to visit Africa. EAT will further indulge and guide the traveler every step of the way starting from their departure from base to their return back to base; ensuring that through out their stay the client is safe and having an enjoyable time.

Through the online booking mechanism, EAT provides key information to clients on the culture, history, airline information, visa requirements, hotels and camps, nature reserves, safaris and tour operators, shopping malls and grocery stores, current entertainment events, currency exchange rates, current climate, amongst other things.


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