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Flaps Up Argentina

"e-booking your way"

Book hotels and tours in Buenos Aires, Iguazu, Calafate, Mendoza, Patagonia, Pampa, Cordoba, Villa La Angostura, Jujuy and Neuquen in Argentina.

At FlapsUpArgentina.com we seek out the best hotels and tour operators in Argentina to offer their services for real-time booking on our website. Our offering includes many unique opportunities that are not available anywhere else for online booking, such as eco-adventures on fully functioning estancias in La Pampa or pampered stays at exclusive thermal spas such as Termas de Reyes, a favorite of Eva Peron.

All the hotels and tours we offer have first been personally inspected and approved by us, the owners of this site. All the hotels and tours we offer are backed by contracts guaranteeing availability. The result is that reservations through our website are more secure than reservations made through most travel agents.

FlapsUpArgentina.com is a pioneer project to bring Argentine tourism into the 21st century through real-time e-commerce. We have eliminated the necessity for a human intermediary for customers who value speed and efficiency. At the same time we remain flexible enough to provide bespoke services upon request through our partners on the ground in Argentina and through our network of contacts. If you don't see what you are looking for in our standard offering, please let us know.

FlapsUp is an owner operated business. We are a multicultural and well traveled bunch. We are from Argentina, Greece, Italy, Spain, and the US. We have a passion for travel and know what right looks like. We are very eclectic, and 100% dedicated to providing the best travel services to our customers.

Website: www.flapsupargentina.com
English Blog: www.argentinatraveler.wordpress.com
Spanish Blog: www.viajaraargentina.wordpress.com


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