International Backpacker Card

International Backpacker Card website has now launched and we will be selling our discount card worldwide by 21st January 2012 at just £24.99 including postage to any country in the world!

Do you want to make your money go further whilst in SE Asia?

We have great discounts on food & drink, accomodation, tours, scuba diving and more with our International Backpacker Discount card.

We know that backpackers come in all shapes, sizes and ages but they do all have one thing in common...sticking to a budget! Whether you consider youself a backpacker, flashpacker, long-term tourist or any other of the labels people have come up with in the last few years, we can save you money.

Please have a look at all of the discounts available by clicking 'search for discounts' before you buy. Also, check out our 'before you go' page to save money on backpacking insurace, flights and tours.








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