JapanQuest Journeys

JapanQuest Journeys is a boutique destination management firm specializing in bespoke "tailor-made" luxury journeys to Japan with an unparalleled and undiluted single-country focus. With offices in the US and Japan, we deliver a wealth of unique Japanese expertise based upon many years of first-hand experiences and an intimate understanding of the cultural, historic and modern landscape.

Our in-country presence ensures that our direct knowledge and experiences are continually renewed in this rapidly changing country. JapanQuest Journeys will share extraordinary experiences and insider access-making available the "real" Japan through an extensive network of locally cultivated relationships.

JapanQuest Journeys provides personalized end-to-end platinum quality service-meeting the discerning traveler's exacting needs. We focus on our client's interests; engaging the finest planners, personal concierges, guides and drivers that exude the highest levels of knowledge, resourcefulness and thoughtful professionalism.

Our clients immerse themselves in Japan and leverage the direct and hands-on experiences of our team. This first-hand knowledge of the best of the best in hotels, inns, restaurants, sites, and activities leads our clients to the secret, impossible to find spots unlocking the mysteries of Japan.

Let JapanQuest Journeys expertly lead you on an unforgettable and compelling trip full of intimate discoveries through the real Japan, through the seasons of a country traditional yet modern, and rich in scenic beauty and cultural heritage.



"From the earliest questionnaire to last minute changes, it was clear that JapanQuest Journeys really wanted me to have the very personal trip I was dreaming about! You matched me perfectly with my guides and drivers. Often, it felt like I was traveling with two good friends who just happened to speak the language and knew the territory better than I did. Their flexibility and professionalism meant that I could explore my own special interests as well as tour the important national sites; returning home with a real sense of Japan and its culture."

- Star Moore, Atlanta

"Immersing ourselves in Japan with JapanQuest Journeys was the ultimate insider’s experience. The real Japan was opened up to us in a very intimate and culturally enriching way. Whether sampling amazing cuisine at tucked away local restaurants, staying at a quintessential ryokan in Takayama or embracing zen meditation at a Buddhist temple in Kyoto – JapanQuest Journeys brought first-class access to this fabulous country. Speaking as a travel industry executive, JapanQuest Journeys excellent team leads the pack in its unique ability to deliver high-end travel to Japan. It was by far one of the best trips I have ever taken!

- Elan Blutinger – Board Member: Hotels.com, Great Wolf Resorts, ResortQuest & Travel Services


*Itinerary, pricing and schedule subject to change

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