MOTAÏBA Travel&Co is a well-known name in tourism in Indochina and is the fruit of the meeting of a French man who had been wandering around the region since 1994 and had decided to lay down his hat in Vietnam (Hanoi) and a young Vietnamese lady who spoke both English and French and who specialised in tourism. They have pooled together their experiences, their inspirations, their networks of acquaintances and the relationships they have developed over the years to offer you the best of Indochina in exceptional conditions.

Spectacular scenery, colourfully dressed ethnic minorities, cosmopolitan and vibrant cities at the heart of modernity and history... Both nature and man have moulded Indochina over the centuries to produce what is today one of the most unique and interesting regions in the world.

We can offer you many different ways of discovering Indochina Region but out of all the options we propose, which is the best? The one that you prefer, of course! Just contact us at www.motaiba.com.

Specializes in tailor made services: Cruises, hiking trips, cultural holidays, seaside hotels, adventure trips, cooking experiences and romance. Take your choice.

Special focus on Corporate:

When it comes to arranging conferences, conventions and meetings, we offer an unparalleled choice of locations and services in any venue in Vietnam. From organizing large conferences, conventions and events for multinational corporations to small board meetings, every detail is meticulously arranged to round off a successful event at any venue.

The conference and meeting facilities provided by strong association with our local partners experimented in translation & interpreting named S&S. Our experienced staff provides immaculate and personalized services. Visit Website www.2s-translation.com.


*Itinerary, pricing and schedule subject to change

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