Nicho Verde

Nicho Verde has the objective of developing an efficient, dynamic and sustainable concept, able to show Portugal’s good aspects, associating to this future vision the indispensable and spirited outdoor sport, promoting it and contributing to the mentality re-education, using integrated and sustainable interaction between communities.

With Matosinhos as headquarters and Ribeira de Pena as operations centre, Nicho Verde actives major concern is to offer services with quality, liability and security, using the most beautiful and natural sceneries in Portugal.

Exploiting the stunning and inaccessible rivers (Canyoning), watching and learning about the rich and important Portuguese biodiversity or walking trough the centenary lands in Douro’s Region, Nicho Verde presents a very diverse choice of outdoor activities that respond to the different populations segments demands, presenting valid options according to individuals needs.

If you want to know Portugal, practice outdoor sports in natural atmospheres, strengthening your levels of knowledge, sociability and friendship, come and meet Nicho Verde.

We are waiting for you…

Nicho Verde



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