Oh-Venice is part of Open House Group, and created to advertise fantastic holiday opportunities in Venice. We have created a portfolio of top quality apartment rentals that are constantly evaluated over quality and cost. Aside from the apartment rentals, we also provide Hotels and Hostels in various parts of the city. The website offers multiple languages and alternative destinations in Europe. All our accommodation comes with an online lowest price guarantee.

Specializes in: Venice apartment rentals, Hotels and Hostels.

The Company
Oh-Venice offers self-catering apartments and a large selection of hotels. All the accommodation is available in most areas of Venice with a variety of prices. They do not vary on the quality and comfort they provide, which is of a high-standard.

You may want to consider staying in a self-catering apartment if you are travelling to Venice in a group, or a family. The price per person of an apartment is the same or less than a hotel. The bonus of this accommodation for groups is that it also allows you to stay together in the same place. Also you have a private common room and kitchen for you all to share. This may be particularly useful for a family with children.

Travelling with your partner? You should relish the opportunity of staying in an apartment during your holiday in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The privacy is a clear advantage for a romantic getaway. You can make dinner for two, and know that throughout your stay you will not be disturbed.

Do you prefer the sociable atmosphere of a hotel? We have plenty of hotels for you to relax and spend your holiday. Whether you're just looking for a room to rest your head or luxurious facilities in which you can spend hours relaxing, you will find it with Oh-Venice.



"Excellent, would use you again in the future."

-Customer Review

"Everything with the customer service was great on the rental process. Everything was as I had expected - no surprises!"

-Owner Review


*Itinerary, pricing and schedule subject to change

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