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Omega Treks operates in affiliation with Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), KEEP (Kathmandu Educational Environmental Projects), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and the authorized agents under the ‘Ministry of Tourism.’ We are a leading trekking agency and organizer of a variety of tours and treks in South Asia: Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet & India. We provide domestic & International flight tickets, as well.

As the world becomes smaller, we are reaching out to social organizations in partnership. Tourism and social organizations are becoming interrelated; a major part of our work is to coordinate with social organizations to support them on their work. Nepal has little in the way of industries to sustain its people. Tourism is therefore one of the few ways to employ a great number of citizens. Our goal has been to develop a new concept of ‘Social Tourism’ during our nation’s ‘Nepal Tourism Year 2011’to support our country’s recovery from the political unrest of recent years. We are working with the above mentioned agencies to encourage travel to Nepal. We are providing westerners with some very special travel packages so they can experience Nepali mixed culture, diverse ethnic groups, incredible trekking trials and spectacular mountain views.

We work with various social organizations to promote Eco & Sustainable tourism from the community level, partnering with social organizations. We support these worthy causes out of our profits in order to make Nepal a better place for you to come again and again, each time finding it even more accommodating than the last.


"Travelling to Nepal has been a great experience to me, and credit for it goes to Mt. Everest Nepal ( Omega Treks ). They managed a perfect holiday for me and I am so impressed that, I am looking forward to travelling Nepal next holday season too, and I have no doubt in my mind as to who will handle my vacation. The people and hospitality is really good. And the Trekking paths they used were so beautiful one can't stop falling in love."
-Peter James
"I have had another wonderful Holiday in this beautiful country thanks to Ramesh,Prem and Sanjeeb They have accommodated me in very way despite,frequent plan changes and I am so grateful. I look forward to bringing my family and friends to meet everyone at Omega Treks& hop to travel through more of Nepal in the near future. There is no better guide and friend than Ramesh and I am so happy he was able to join me for my trek. I hope to keep in contact with everyone at Omega and look forward to seeing them again soon,thank you so much!!"
-Inga Bray


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