Responsible Adventures

Responsible Adventures is a boutique trekking organization that strives to improve, protect and preserve the environment of the Himalayan mountain range. An organization for the 21st century, we are leaders in operating ethical mountain treks.

Responsible Adventures was created and developed by an environmentally and culturally conscious Trek leader with more than 20 years of experience in leading trekking holidays throughout the Himalaya. All of the founding employees have worked for some of the biggest and most reputed adventure travel companies throughout their professional careers.

We specialize in Hiking Vacations that take you Trekking all over the Himalaya on your Adventure holidays. We strive to make your Hiking Vacations in the Himalaya an experience of a lifetime. We provide specialist Trekking Holidays in the Himalayan Regions of Nepal, India (Sikkim, Darjeeling, Ladakh), Bhutan and Tibet.

We say our biggest asset is our staff; consisting of happy porters, talented support crew, trekking chefs and expert trek leaders. We value our staff highly... after all happy staff makes happy customers. We have handpicked and trained all of our field staff who are very capable in making your trek easier. Here at Responsible Adventures we have a committed fair-trade approach and practice, namely Genuine Responsible Tourism. Providing our staff with a dignified working environment is of high importance to us. We pay our staff a generous wage to help them make a better life for themselves and their families. Another aspect of booking with us is that most of your money will benefit the region and people where you are trekking. Despite being only a small company, we have set our standards and integrity high. It is due to our handpicked and highly trained employees that we can proudly say that we provide good value for money and unparalleled trekking services in the Himalaya.

Whilst on a superb value for money trekking tours, our chefs provide culinary touches even in the midst of the wilderness – croutons with tomato soup, oregano in the pasta sauce, brie as a pre-dinner snack. Chinese, French and Malaysian cuisines, in addition to local fare, find their way onto the menu. But whatever the deal, the reason why Responsible Adventures gets so many trekkers returning for more – are the “nice touches” you’ll experience – real coffee at the start of a day, a celebratory glass of wine, a birthday cake in a remote setting, music and entertainment in the evening. We are a Regional Adventure Tour Operator who specializes in unforgettable Trekking Vacations and responsible tourism.



"I completed a 13 day trek through the Markha valley and surrounding areas in Ladakh with Responsible Adventures in July 2010. Our guide, Raj, and his support staff were extremely personable and knowledgeable about both local and worldly issues. We consistently picked the most scenic and least crowded camping spots, and all of our meals were inventive and fresh (and included a birthday cake made on short notice). I greatly enjoyed trekking through the beautiful scenery and villages of the Markha valley and highly recommend doing so with Raj and Responsible Adventures."

- Jeff, USA

"Thoroughly enjoyed the balanced mix of challenge, adventure, fun, good food and company. It was an extremely effective way to experience a culture and country in a short period of time. The whole team was consistently polite, helpful, supportive and I thoroughly enjoyed the total immersion experience, living as the local people do. The icing on the cake was the fantastic scenery culminating with the awesome base camp mountains. Loved the professionalism, the constant readiness to answer any queries, the superb kindness and helpfulness of the whole team. Thanks for a life changing experience which enriched the soul.”

- Marion, New Zealand


*Itinerary, pricing and schedule subject to change

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