London Walks

London markets are more than just places to buy fruit, veg, flowers and bric-a-brac. For years they`ve been hives of social activity and neighbourhood gathering places.

Walks are led by Sandra Shevey who originated the socio-historical overview of London markets.

A patchwork of old photos, prints, memoirs, as well as literary/film accounts is used to summon up a sense of these old relics in times past; and whenever possible we endeavour to include in the itinerary views of extant market remains.

Current walks include:

Covent Garden
Spitalfields-Petticoat/Brick Lanes
Southall Asian Market
Whitechapel East End
Borough Market
Smithfield Market
Bell and Church Streets
Among others to follow.

Also offers a wonderful Alfred Hitchcock London Locations Walk.


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