San Juan Safaris

The best Orca (killer) whale watching is here off San Juan Island. San Juan Safaris is located in Friday Harbor, just steps from the ferry landing on San Juan Island.

No tour operator sees whales more often than San Juan Safaris - 90% or better. Our whale watching boat Sea Lion is 55 foot, new and fast.

With only 40 or fewer guests aboard, there is plenty of room at the rails or in the windowed cabin for everyone to view whales and wildlife.

Knowledgeable marine naturalists will inform and amuse you. Our crew loves their work and it shows. Guests tell us that the staff is attentive, warm and friendly.

San Juan Safaris is proud of its reputation for strictly adhering to the 'Whale Watching Guidelines' and for respectful wildlife viewing ethics. The owner has been in the wildlife viewing business for over forty years!

Also see Bald Eagles, Seals, Sea Lions, Rafts of Sea Birds, Porpoise or Dolphin. Enjoy the gorgeous coastlines of the San Juan Islands while whale watching.

Whale Watching tours departing from Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, Washington. May to Oct. afternoons, July & Aug. afternoon and evening tours. Whale Watching Tours are 3 hours in duration.

The Whale Plane

Seattle to San Juan Island-Same day return. Experience a seaplane & whale watch adventure. Gorgeous Seattle skyline, magical Puget Sound scenery, the Olympic Mountains, the quaint seaside village of Friday Harbor. View orca whales in their natural habitat on the new 55 ft. MV Sea Lion for a 3 hour tour. Serious Fun-Join us! Be back in Seattle for dinner. Depart in the morning and return in the early evening.

*Itinerary, pricing and schedule subject to change

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