S.E.A.E Sweden

Discover Sweden with us! The beautiful country of Sweden offers plenty of interesting activities for you and your friends. It is our desire to show you the magic of the "Far North" in the most exciting way and to experience unforgettable moments with you. Take a look and get inspired by our most unique selection of activities. We tailor a program according to your wishes and will do our best to provide you with all the information you need for you stay in Sweden. We can also advise you on your choice of hotels.

SEAE works with companies and groups who wants to strengthen their relationship within the team through adventures and unique impressions in the form of Icentives. This we achieve with unique activities and unforgettable experiences that will result in a feeling of "togetherness". Our vision is to be a company which attracts, inspires and encourages development.

If your incentive - program in Sweden results in a positive attitude and work ethic in your company, our team has done everything right. Our goal is to make your stay in Sweden unforgettable.


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