Sothavuth Tourism

S.T.C. Based in Phnom Penh, the Capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia was established since 1999. We have been started in a very simple way of dealing and handling of all types of traveler across Cambodia. Our corporate policy is to provide Good and Conveniences services to all type of travelers. We also firmly believe the importance of relationship of trust in all business endeavors.

Our mission is to provide Quality and excellence to our customers promptly and exclusively. Our team is service oriented and experiences in hospitality. We understand that most importance aspect of our service is to ensure that our clients and business partner enjoy their holiday at each traveling destination and hassle free.

S.T.C specializes in inbound tours handling and offers a host of tourism related services to inbound tourists in Cambodia and neighboring Countries like, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and China. The various tours we offer as follow:

Cultural tours, heritage tours, adventure tours, beach tours, eco tours, tailor made tours, golf tours, water festival tours, festival holiday, museums tours, incentive tours and special interest tours by your request.

Visiting Cambodia is a great journey into the heart of Southeast Asia. There are many things that you can’t experience anywhere else but they are in Cambodia. The World’s largest masterpiece, Angkor Wat, truly natural resorts, top smooth beaches, untouchable nature and modern life.

The charming Cambodia! This Country can steal your heart. The historic temple, Angkor Wat, untouchable nature and smooth beaches are what have been awarded to this Country for thousand years already. They cast unforgettable memory on everyone. Now Cambodia has changed every thing. It is totally safe for every visitor around the world thank to the friendly society and political stable.

If you look at the past of Cambodia you can feel sad and happy. The most brighten year of Angkor which brought the name as “Khmer Empire” to this Country. And some part of what we can see in Thailand, Laos and Vietname now used to belong to Cambodia. Seem like toe glory can’t stay that long and the dark age just came after the Angkorian period which brought the nation to its knee due to the foreign invasion and internal civil war.

However that doesn’t matter now! Cambodia now is more than you can imagine. Even this is a small country; there are many historic sites to visit. What can’t you find in Cambodia? There are thousand of temples, one of the smoothest beaches in Southeast Asia, the untouchable nature and even modern nightlife is part of the attraction for tourists.


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