Sub Saharan Adventure

Who Are We?
We are a volunteer adventure company that offers you opportunities to work and travel throughout Africa. We work with many local NGO’s in cities and in rural areas. We operate throughout East & Southern Africa in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe & South Africa. We aim to offer you the experience of your life getting involved working with local people and communities on various projects and initiatives across the countries with the sole aim to make a better lifestyle for all.

What Do We Do?
We organise your volunteering/adventure experience in Africa with the help of our very experienced ground staff. Whether you wish to teach children in Kenya English or you wish to help save the Endangered Black Rhinos of Zimbabwe we are the people that can put you there. Even if there is something you wish to do in Africa that doesn’t appear on our website we are able to help you out with it. We look after you when you are volunteering. We take care of your accommodation, food & transport as well as your project.



''Great Experience''
''This was a great school to work in. There are hardly any teachers in the school so i moved straight in and started in my own class with the best kids! The local slums around the school are so poor we even got to meet those children in a feeding programme in the school grounds. I am already planning my next trip''

-Kelly Walker, UK
''Wonderful Opportunity!''
''I had a great time with the guys down in Tsavo and even got my weekends on the beach in the sunshine of Mombasa. Saw all the animals i wanted, got some great snaps and met some really cool people.''

-Dan Riggs, UK


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