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Why not join one of Tulsi's unique and rewarding art, textile and cultural journeys in the lesser known rural areas of the Indian sub continent.

All our groups are small - rarely more than 10 people - so that travelling with people of similar interests you will feel comfortable even though you may be travelling alone. Each journey will be accompanied by the weaver and textile designer Pie Chambers who has lived for several years in India so you will feel secure in the knowledge that you are being looked after in the best possible way by someone who knows and loves India very well.

Above all, our journeys are holidays, we have a lot of fun and although we focus on the crafts and textiles of a region, we do not miss out on any of the important general sightseeing. There is always time allowed for those who wish to sketch or paint. The tours have also turned into a gourmet's paradise as it is our boast that you will not eat the same dish twice during your visit.

All our journeys include extensive sightseeing programmes and demonstrations but one of the main attractions of a Tulsi journey is the opportunity to take part in various workshops with village artisans. They are a chance to experience a way of life that is so very different from our own and are often a lot of fun as well as a marvellous learning experience.

During the next season TULSI plans to design journeys in hitherto unvisited areas - Assam, Arunchal Pradesh and possibly Nagaland and Bhutan. Nagaland is always a difficult state to visit. It is a troubled area and the Indian Government often close it to visitors but we will keep on trying.

TULSI has a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to offer (we have been operating since 1989). Whatever your craft, skill or interest we feel sure that you will find one of our journeys a rewarding travel experience - never to be forgotten.


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