Whistler Club Crawl

What You Get – Whistler’s Hottest Event

  5 Drinks
We give you your money’s worth by picking up your costs. You’re saving money from the get go! After all it wouldn’t be a Club Crawl without a couple freebies… would it? We give you one drink ticket per venue. If we only go to four venues, we’ll double up at one of our locations.
  Line Bypass
Lineups in Whistler can be 5 – 45 minutes. Especially on a Saturday night. Whistler Club Crawl gets you priority over the crowds. The clubs are expecting us like clockwork. So every Saturday they know to expect the massive crowds of the club crawl. No waiting in line! 
  Up To $30 in Cover Charge
How much do clubs in Whistler charge every night? It depends. It can be $3 or $30, however, Whistler Club Crawl takes care of your cover charge. Have you ever walked into a bar, paid $15 just to get and realized you don’t even like the place? This isn’t an issue when you go with the crawl. Don’t worry about reaching into your pockets for the expensive cover charges, we’ll cover you!
  Food For The Evening
You can’t party for 5.5 hours straight without something in your belly! We cover the dinner for the evening. The menu varies from night to night. You should expect some good pizza or nachos to make sure you have the energy to party all night. If you have any specific allergy or meal requests, just ask the guides at the beginning of the crawl.
  Cover Taken Care Of
Above the $30 in giveaways, above the line bypass, above the skipped cover charges and above the great food, with Whistler Club Crawl you will have the most amazing time, ever! We’re dedicated to making sure you’re having the time of your life. We are good at what we do! Come join us!



*Itinerary, pricing and schedule subject to change

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